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Crocs Alice Work are lightweight, decent and chic Mary Jane style shoes which can be used everyday and everywhere. These shoes have ultra-lightweight construction which allows you to keep on wearing them all day long without even feeling them on your feet. The rich materials and top notch built quality makes these shoes perfect. The upper of these shoes has been made of the Croslite material which has been developed by Crocs. This upper is very lightweight, easily maintainable and durable. The upper has the Mary Jane style swivel strap on the top which gives these shoes excellent looks and it also allows you perfect fit. These shoes are easy to wear and take off and they can be used with just about any casual outfit. The toe has the round silhouette which offers great toe room. The interior has soft lining and it keeps your feet dry and fresh by wicking off the moisture. The interior has the footbed made from the Croslite material as well which offers exceptional comfort and unbeatable support. This footbed has the nubs which enhances the blood circulation in your feet and also deliver luxurious massage as you walk. The footbed allows you to walk all day long without any discomfort or stress on your feet, legs and spine. The outsole has been made from the rich materials which has been engineered to provide you slip free and secure ride on multiple terrains. The outsole offers offers stability and grip on soap, water and oil with the Crocs Lock tread and it has meet the standards of ASTM F1677. These shoes weigh just 5 ounces as per size 6 which is extremely lightweight in comparison to most of the style available. This style can be found in these colors: Espresso and Black.





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Customer Reviews

Mary Ann from Idaho

I work in the medical profession as an RN. I am on my feet for several hours a day. I find crocs superior in alleviating stress specifically for legs and hips. I have had back surgery and a hip replacement. These shoes are the only shoes that help to counter stress and keep joint pain within reason.

Mark from Central N.J.

At first I was reluctant to buy Crocs because I thought they looked a little too feminine, but I had heard from several people that they are extremely comfortable, and because I have lower back problems the slip on feature appealed to me, after wearing them once, I was hooked! And speaking of hooked, in the past month I have fished on 3 different party boats and noticed that most of the mates were also wearing Crocs.

Anonymous from NJ

I really like wearing the Cayman crocs for work. I like the wide toe area because I have some bunions on both of my feet. I have bought brown, navy and pearl in them. The last pair of crocs were the pearl and the snap on the side is defective and keeps coming loose, so I am unable to use the strap around the heel.


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