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John from Las Vegas, NV

These are the sandals that you buy for comfort, not style. They definitely deliver on comfort, with a soft pillowy effect on the sole, and they are extremely light weight. I bought the chocolate brown, and so they don't even seem to draw attention like some of the crocs I've seen. While the strap will flip up to turn them into clogs, I found that they fit too loosely to actually walk in that way. However, the strap is not uncomfortable and does not hinder putting them on or taking them off.

Sylvia Flores from Grand Prairie Texas

Frankly, Crocs Cayman shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned in my life. I currently own three pair and each pair are consistently suitable. My career requires that I remain standing and monitoring the classroom for approximately six hours a day; this is taxing on my feet, legs and back. However, with Crocs Cayman I do not feel the pain I felt previously with other shoes. Purchasing Crocs Cayman and wearing them daily has been one of the best investments I have made.

JD from Lindenhurst, IL

The joy of Crocs all day long! My orthotic just wasn't working anymore. These were the solution. They can be a bit hot - no ventilation holes. Like other Crocs, they are incredibly light. When they get dirty, water and a paper towel do the trick. These are all I am wearing now.


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