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Crocs Classic (Cayman) Unisex are the classic and extremely popular style by Crocs. These shoes have already won millions of hearts with their superior comfort, long lasting durability and multiple functionality. These shoes are designed to deliver you supreme comfort and your toe and the side of your feet will hardly make contact with the interior shoes. These shoes can be used indoor, outdoor and on the beach as well. They have the upper made from the patented resin which is very durable, comfortable to wear and easily cleanable. The upper materiel is designed to contour as per the shape of your feet by absorbing your body heat to deliver you customized, personalized and secure fit. The upper has multiple holes which allow the water to drain out of these shoes quickly to keep the interior dry. The upper also has the strap which can be folded upwards to make these shoes look like slippers and it can be used as the heel strap for secure fit. The interior has excellent arch support which makes your wearing superior and more comfortable. These shoes have very soft, cushioned and supportive footbed which massages your feet as you walk to deliver you unbeatable comfort. These shoes features excellent outsole which offers long lasting wear and it also offers smooth and resilient ride to make your walking more comfortable. The outsole has been engineered to ensure excellent grip on multiple terrains for non-skid and secure ride. These imported shoes weigh just 7 ounces as per size 8. This style can be found in these colors: White, Volt Green, Viola, Pearl, Ocean, Navy, Lime, Khaki, Hot Pink, Citrus, Chocolate and Black.




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Customer Reviews

C from Atlanta

I followed their instructions on what size to buy and they fit great. I promised myself this was only for schlepping around the house, but I've caught myself wearing them out once or twice because I just didn't want to take them off!

Tetsuwan Atom from Kansas City, MO

If the people who won't buy these shoes because they don't like the looks would place a little more emphasis on comfort, and a little less on "style", they'd learn what they're missing. Crocs have two primary assets: they're about as lightweight as you could ask a shoe to be, and they "mold" to the shape of your foot better, and more quickly than any shoe I've ever worn. I bought my first pair a year, or so ago, wore them first as house shoes with the intention of wearing them outside after awhile, but liked them so well, I wanted to make them last as long as possible, so never wore them outside. A better house shoe I couldn't ask for. I bought this pair for out-of-the house use.

Susan work as a CNA from Wisconsin

I bought these shoes because I got sick and tired of having white tennis shoes getting dirty at the hospital all the time. My feet were sweating and eventually the shoes were so uncomfortable. I love crocs for work as well as home use. They are washable and support my instep. When you work 8 hours or more on your feet, this is the shoe to wear! Love them!!

Susan from McMinnville, TN

I purchased these shoes on the recommendation of others who are enjoying this product. I did find that they take some getting used to. What I like about them is that they massage the feet while walking. I have plantar fasciatis, heel spurs and lower back trouble, so I need something that is comfortable yet supportive. I also like that they have a lot of cushion and don't have a high heel. I am 5'8", so I don't want to be any taller. The only thing is that the shoes feel a bit wide, but I don't have to worry about them being binding on my feet.


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