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Frank Harris from Bloomfield Hills, MI

I love my crocs. I now have two pair. My first pair felt a size larger than normal, so I ordered a second pair, a size smaller. I kept both pair because I wore the larger ones until I received my smaller ones. Now I just wish I could get a pair in the color I prefer. I have two pair of sage. I have to get some blue ones. I swear; I have worn my Crocs every day since I got them. I wear them in the lawn, I travel in them and even have worn them a couple of times with socks. However, I prefer wearing them barefoot. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Recently, I wore them exclusively on a trip to Boston. All of the walking and all of the pleasure of having a comfortable gate. I LOVE EM!

Linda Ross from Kokomo, Indiana

I have arthritis in my feet, knees and back so I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. I tried my step-daughters Crocs on and was amazed at how good they felt on my feet. I ordered the Crocs Cayman in light blue and have never worn a more comfortable shoe. I can walk without pain and walk farther than I have in years. I would recommend them to anyone whether you have foot problems or not. I will be ordering more, believe me.

Megajoy from FL

When you first look at this shoe you think that it is the ugliest shoe in the world and that you would never be seen in public with that ugly thing on your feet. After you put this shoe on, you do not care who sees your feet or who says anything about them. They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever walked in. I am now ordering several other colors so that I can wear them with every color outfit I have. As the old song says, "she may be ugly, but she sure can cook!"

Jan in Atlanta from Atlanta

I am very pleased with these Crocs. They had a large selection of beautiful colors and every size was available, even for toddlers and children. The website also carried many different styles of Crocs, some I've not seen anywhere but here. The ordering was extremely easy and delivery was very efficient, coming exactly on the day I was told it would come. I bought the Crocs for myself after my husband had purchased a pair at a kiosk in a shopping mall. My ordering online was so much easier. The Crocs are really comfortable and it feels like walking on marshmallows. The roomy interior makes them great for many activities especially water, since they are totally waterproof. No slipping with these shoes.


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