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Lynn Craig from Metamora, Illinois

I bought my Crocs because I'd heard so much about them and wanted to give them a try. These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. They fit great in length, but seem a little wide, but not enough to bother me. To be honest I have always thought they were extremely ugly, but I am glad I tried them because they are so comfortable that I don't care what they look like.

Lisa from NY

I bought this item for my mother because she has feet problems. Thus, she needed shoes that has a very soft cushion. At first the Crocs were very uncomfortable because of the "spikes" thrusting up. However, after buying a separate cushion and putting it on top, she said that it feels great. She is wearing it daily now. Thus, it would be even better if you can do something about the "spikes" of these crocs, such as a smooth surface.

CCE from NY

The crocks cayman is a bit wider in the toe than expected but the fit is otherwise great. Same with the comfort. I think the part that touches across the top of the foot will be a bit warm for the summer in Florida but otherwise I love them. I plan to try a few more styles.

Deb from Chester County, Pennsylvania

I decided to try Crocs because I needed a comfortable, airy shoe for summer. I spend a lot of time in a wheelchair and have limited mobility. When I use a walker, I need shoes that have good traction and won't slip off my feet. Crocs are comfortable and cool, and a welcome change from sneakers. I also like the color selection. The ordering guidelines pertaining to size were accurate, and my order was filled promptly. I am thoroughly happy with this purchase.

Tim from Minneapolis

Very comfortable shoe! If you wear them with socks they will wear out the heels on your socks very quickly. Tend to run a bit large in size (about one half size; I wear 8 1/2 and got size 8 and they're perfect). But be warned: in this area people might give you crap about wearing them, so you have to be deal with that. Ignore the naysayers and your feet will thank you!


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