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Crocs Patricia II are cute and stylish sandals which can be used indoor and outdoor. These sandals have lightweight construction and you can keep on wearing them all day long without any discomfort. They can be used with the casual outfit for any occasion. These sandals has made from the Croslite which is very durable, long lasting, comfortable and lightweight material developed by Crocs. These sandals have the upper made from the Croslite in a stylish straps pattern. The upper material absorbs the heat from your body and molds itself as per the shape of your feet. The slip on design of these sandals allows you to wear them easily. The footbed has been made from the Croslite as well and offers personalized fit by molding itself as per the shape of your feet with gradual use. The footbed also offers shocks absorption with each step to keep the stress away from your legs and feet. The footbed has been engineered to ensure that you get massage feeling and excellent blood circulation in your feet with each step as well. The midsole has the wedge style which adds more cushioning and resilient feel with each step. The shoes have the Croslite outsole has well which is flexible, durable and long lasting. This outsole has been designed to maintain good grip on multiple wet and dry surfaces for slip free ride. The outsole also minimizes the stress and shocks to keep the comfort level high. These shoes are designed to deliver you great comfort so you can stay on your feet longer. They have 2 inches heel and they weigh just 5 ounces as per size 8 which is stunningly lightweight. This style can be found in these colors: Cotton Candy/ Smoke, Oyster/ Raspberry, Stucco/ Petal Pink, Iguana/ Oyster, Stucco/ Navy, Oyster/ Khaki, Mushroom/ Espresso and Black/ Black.





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Customer Reviews

A Frazer from Boston, MA

Crocs are a big fad and I live in a warm area so I thought I would like them. People say they wear them as their primary shoes, even to work, formal occasions, etc. They claim they are the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn. They are pretty comfortable as long as you are not running or hiking, but when I do intensive activity I find they are too loose to be practical and that the bumps in the sole can cause blisters, especially if worn without socks. All that being said, they are very comfortable for relaxed activities like hanging around the house or walking around the block. They are most comfortable when worn with athletic socks in my opinion. They are extremely light and more shoe-like than a slipper or flip-flop, so they are good for going on errands, etc. If you work in a casual office you might be able to wear them there too. I especially like them for traveling. They are fantastic for long driving or plane trips because they are so soft and light and you can slip them on and off while driving. You can get by wearing them to a restaurant, museum or the beach or most tourist activities. This can free you from having to bring along lots of shoes. Bottom line, if you don't expect them to replace all your other shoes you will find they are very good for many situations.

Jamie H. from Plainwell, Michigan

I love the color, style and antimicrobial feature in these shoes. They are a bit cumbersome, "grippy," and wide, but once you get the hang of that you will fall in love. Much like Birks, you have to get used to them. They have more cushion than you might think and very practical for wet applications like gardening, boating, and frolicking in the rain. Buy a size down if you are in between and deal with the width; It is worth it!

Randy from OK

These are the most comfortable shoes that I own! Having a larger foot (13) I could not find my size locally and had to order online. I had heard that these shoes felt good; I had also heard that before about other shoes (Birkenstocks, Eccos). I'm flat footed and my feet almost always hurt at the end of the day but not when I'm wearing my Crocs. Shoebuy had the shoe I wanted at the right price and size.


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